Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

·,. tj .. · oflhthceitfult~tf[e ,mdguileofMAm Il eArt~ _. tb~ugh i(have given way or do comply with other' that do finne :· It•s hard to fay whether a m:xm ow fins or other mens :finnes, to which he hath one way or other con rented , wiU ' lie as the heavieft burthen upon men one day : 0 h it will not ·be eafte to fay ,Such a fin it was none_of mine, it was not of my doing, for thou maifi: eafily come to partake of other mens -finnes ; which made "godly man p~ay,LordJorgivo me my other mensfins: Thus Pi/ate deceived himfelf, for bccaufe theJews importuned him.to crucifie Cbrift, and nothing would fatisfie ·but his bloud, therefore lle givethway to his condemnatior:J, and,yet will wa(b his hands and fayJam inn9cent ftom the bloud of thuman. What deceit was this,how was he innocent when be would condemn the ir.mocent. Therefore we re.ade Nica• demm though·otherwife a fearfull man, yet he would not con· fent to Chrills death, but oppofed it in the whole councill : Thus thou that art aMtller·of aFamily, if thou been not a 'Swearer, aDrunkard, aprophane perfon tby felf, thy heart ·<ieceiveth thee if thou knoweft of fuch Servants in thy Fami· ·ty, and endeavourell either not their reformation., or cxclu• non out of thy Family, Again, there aremany will not be -drunk themfelves,but they delight to make otherss they take ·pleafure to fee men overtaken, now this is fo far from being innocent, that the Scripture makes the taking pleafurc in ~h.ofe that do fio,worfe then the conunitting fin it felf, .Rom.r. Who do not only fuch fins, but tak! plft!l{ure in them that do them. Yea, -the Scripture goeeh higher, for it . make~ a man partaker of o– ther·mens fins, if he bold his peace, and do not as prudence and charity, and zeal requireth, reproye them; Ha-ye no fel· toW/hipWith the unfruitful! \Vork._t of dark._ne.f[e, but rP~ther re– prove them: Reproof is often called by Divines Spiricudl Alms : Now as in corporall alms God at the day of Judge– .ment will punilh for omiffions; I W.u hungry andye filled tne not; nakJd, "ndye cloathed me not ; fo it is with thefe fpiritual ' Alms, Such were prophane and you reproved them,not, fuch were ungodly and you inllrud:ed them not. As he faid of temporalllife, ~inon dat 't!it11m, ~i~ufert; He that doth no.t preferve anothermms life when he may, kits him, he is amur– therer; fo,he that doth not labour the fpirituall life and fd· · ·· -- · ... ·· · 1 vat ion