Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

·• ~& · -ofthedueit/r~lneffe andguile ofMini Jl t4rt: '~ ' Thedeceit..; fulneife of the heart abaut Repentance _ appears. ' ~·····~~~·~~~·· s g . R M. IV. dnother Inflance ofthe Hearts Ve~ceitjulnejfe in the matter of ~epe!J--, tance. ~. J BR. 17• 9• The heart is_ deceitfoUAbove4/l things, who q11n knowil? THe next confiderabfe inftance ef the Hearts Decejcful~ neffe I iliall infift on, is about Repentance for fin commit– ted: As the heart is full of guile and hypocrifie in .the com– mitting of fin, fo it~s no lelfe fubtle and crafty to delude it felf about Repentance for it. Be therefore attentive and di– ligent, while this hypocrifie is detected, for its every mans cafe. None can fay of this Point. as of many other, This is a good Lcffon for fuch an one, it were well if fuch did at• tend q.> it, but this belongs to all~ Every man chat hath an ~cart, hath a deceitfuii one; and in nothing more·then about fin (as you heard) or a feeming Repentance about it. But as it~s in mortall wo.unds ~ dangerous thing to clofe up the · wound, and skin it over, as if all were weliJ when in the bot– tome there remaineth cankering and fretting humour~, fo its far more dangerous in the wounds of the fG• .. d, which are madeby fin, to blve all up with a £hew of Repentance, or a thing like Repentance, when it is not fo indeed, and thereby the.hea-rt is as a notable M~unrebank and Impoftor in this matter; As in Popery they takt: the bones of fo.me beafis, and commend them for rare effetls,as if they were the relicks of