Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

,· 6{tht tlec~itfu~n~(ft dHd guile ofMAns heart~ ·of fome Saints; fo doth the heart delude a man, as if about fin he had done all that was required about pardon: and therefore be may go baldly up and down, as if the fentence of condemnation were qui[e)akenoff: When alas all this is but a dream, and a mter delufion: Even a.s·when a hungry mandteamech of fuch dainty feaftJ:, as if he had been ful.Jy fati sfying his appetite, .but when awakened he is ai hungry as before. '· But come we to the particulars, And __ Firfi, The hearts deceitfulnej[e u nident. in that 'When fin u 1 1 1 • 1 · · d · 1 b h J · T k n t 1at w1en comrmtte , zt a oars to put out t e memory o 1 H: o ta eaway fin is committhe guilt and terrour of tt by other recreations, p!eafures, ted it labours fports, merry company, that fo he may not hear the dolefull tp pm out the howling of his fth within hi5 confcience. Even as thofe people memory of h. · that facrificed 'their children to c..Molech, it is f3id, They cau[ed . Trumpets ~tnd Drums to mab..s a /o;:d noife: that fo the miferable · 1 ' · fcreakings of their Children, and thf.ir fad Groans might .not trouble them, and work melting bowels wirhin them,. fuch .obfHnacr and iofenfiblenefs dotb a man labour to put hirnfelf imo; bath he been overca'ken with any fin?doth con– fcience begm to checkhim for it, away goeth he: prefently to ' this bufinef!:, to that cnmp:my, or fets upon cl~a:n con nny thou.gbts, chat fo there may not be fo much as a btginning to repentance. Ob it's a fad thing when the heart of man feareth conv1Clion and humiliation for finne, as much as the --d11g doth the whip, or the malefaCtor doth a prifon. The tho~ughts of hell and death are a burden to him, yet what is more ordinary ? Cflin, when he had commirred that horrible murder on his brot! er, and begun to have a tormenting hell W~thin him for ir, r ,Yd!verc thefe fad thoughts he travelleth, and fetteth himfelf w buddTGwns and Cities. Thus he Scri– pture fpeakerh of mar1y prophane men,' that fay to the Al· mighty, Depart from tbem,. and they wHnot the knowlege of the mofi: h:gh, {ob 21.14. What a terrible infiance ·Of this deccirfulnefs have we in' Jo/tphs Brerhren, When they had thrown him into an horrible pit, where nor fling but death ~ruld follow, Jmmedi-a~ly after this crime which fho'l.lld baye !lt'adean earth-quake in the foul, the text faith, They· fate ,' . I I