Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

3 , ofthe deceitfulneJJe ~ndguile of Mans hettrt; fate down to eat bread, Genef. '-7· 24. Oh where were their hearts? what b2d they done? Could they eat and drink when the cries of their brother ?ofeph fhould fiill be in their ears? But fo our hearts will deceive us, and therefore ~he Prophet Jertmiah,complains, that upon their wickednefs, no man faid what have I done? Jer.8.6. Oh there are fc'w that after their ungodly achons God can fee, !S Ephraim, fmiting her !elf Np6n the thigh, weeping and bewailing her felf. Few with E2:-ek.!.el are fighing with great lamentations, but all their in· deavour is to keep every thing quiet and peaceable.within them. Oh how--much becter were it for thee to have fears Jike fo many worms gnawing within thee, then to fin and to be fo fecure and fenfdefs after it. . .1 But fecoudly, Jf t9e confcience cannot ·be put off fo, fin 0 2 •. J lieth at the door; it accufeth, it condemnerh, thou hafi no th:/~e/:~_ge peac.e, fomething mufl: be done: Then how full are we of tance which is guile to delude our felves, .u if We did repent whe14 We indeed not, As do mt. 1:.. As firft, We judge a fudden and tr~tnftrmt pnjfion of {orrow, A trant:lent 'With a /h6rt petition, Lord forgive me, lam agreat Jinner, the r.tfion ,of Lord/hew mere] to me,~c. - we think, Ifay, this is all that goorFow. eth to repeatance. Wema·ke account, all is wellas foGn as we , have faid~ Lordforgive m, we fhouJd not do fo. No, this is no repentance; for howfoever in finnes of daily infirmities, there is not req nircd fuch afolemn repentance ; yet in great fins that do groily offend God, there ought to be amore find and purpofed repentance. Indeed every fin, though the leafi, bath an infinite·evil in it, in refpect of God who is offended, and fo requireth more grief then for any temporal eviJ, yea more forrow then ever we can exprefs ~ though our _ tears fuould be bid od; yet according to the g_reatnefs of fin, fo ought the greacnefs of forrow to anfwer. Thus Davidin his -fins of Adultery and Murder, manifefted more troubl~ and grief of foul, then for daily infirmities. Thus Peter Went out andWept bitterly for that apoftafie of his, which pofiure he hadnot for er-ery imperfeCl:ion. So then you fee f()r grofs lins of the flefh, {wearing, drunket:lnefs, &r:. you do but de:. lud.eyour felves, if you think fQcp fhort aqd-fud.dep,q:preffi- • ons