Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

Ofthe tleceiift~lruffo AntiguiltifMms heart; 33 ons of forrow will be accepted : No the guilt of thofe linrie-~ fiill is upon thee till thou betake thy felf to a more folcmn mourning, and renting of thy heart, mourni·ng even as R;~. r:: bel, and refufing te beCQmforted i>y any worldly comforts, till Gods favoar be vouchfafed to thee. Oh thou cantl take no delight in Houfes, Orchards, Chdls full of money, till fuch drunkenncfs, f1.1ch uncleannefs, fuch oaths be forgiven thee. · Zach. 1 1• The repentance there promifed is faid to be a jpirit Df mourning, and that as one 'Weeps eve• for hu oneiJ beloved fon• Hence a.repenting hearc is calleda/Jrek!n heart,'a contrite heart; that as the veffell beaten to dull bath no rtlore of the former .. fhape it had ; fo lochaman repenting, he is no more likewhat he was once: Oh the change upon him 1 he would nQt do as be bath done for a world ! You fee him no m-ore in the com– pany, in the temptations of fin. Oh be not then decei:ved, Though fin be not pardoned for the greatnefs of our forrow, and they are not our tears, but Chrifis blood, that makei atonement; yet God bath required fuch a broken grieved heart for fie, elfe there is no pardon obtained. Oh that God ,· would fee this home upon you. As Agrippa .faid, Thou haft itlmoft perfwadedme to be aChrifli,m: fo how many do almofi · repent, they do a1mofl bewail their fins inagodly manner 1 lcs l'lOt a Cifiern, but a Fountain that God looks for in thy mourning for fin. _ · __.. Secondly, If the heart be greatI] and in tt v.erJ high mea{ure If. ajfiiEfed11nd trouG!ed for fin, Jet thu lajltthbut for a[ea/on, it~· Wicbour re; not accomjiitnie4 'With areformation 11ndfor[~tk}ng ~ffin: So that formation ani! to weep for fin, to fhed many tears for fin, and yet to run ~orfaking of into the fame excefs again, is but to wafh a Blackmore. To Ulnc. · rout a flone up hiJI, which immediatly fals back with great violence. Pharaohs heart thus deceived him,in the preffure of Gods judecmencs, he crieth ont he bath Ctnned, and he will Jet the people go; but no fooner is the fiorm over, but he rerurneth to his former obfiinacy. Who would think the heart of am~n could be fafi and loofe thus, off and on? ·But deceitfulnefs is the groand of this multiformity. Saul yoQ. have alfo in fome relenting and melting fits, he jufiifieth D~tvid, and yet as t~e fnake cmptieth her poifon outright .to , F fuck