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. - ·34 ofthe deteitfulne[Je andguilt ofJJ,m$ ~edrt; fuck it rip afterward again; fo did he; but ~by dowe fpeak of particular perfon$, when the whole Natton of the lfrae- ~ lites fometimes were mourning, fafiing and crying bec-aufe of their Idolatries, a-nd within a little fp:.1ce, eretl:ing, ador– ~ting, and bowing eo their Idols?. Now .all this while t~He Jieth a fnake in the heart, here IS nothtng but hypocnfie: and yet how many are daily deceived in this matter. They · have tears and fighs for their fin, but theydo not depart from them: They fly not from them, as rofeph from his Mifirefs, never to be enticed by them. Oh pity your fdves, thisdeceit is too univerfal.• Whofe hea,rt dotb not as the very fiones do at the change of wnther, fl:and with fome dew upon them, have fome relentings on ~hem, efpecially under changes,from mercies to judgement, but yet there is the rtone fiill in the bottom! Caft aw.1yyour tranfgreffionJ,faith the Propher,E~e~ 20.7. that implieth with what an heartinefs we fhould leave our fins, yea we fhould with loathing throw tflem away. Ephraim foa/lfay, What havt I to do any more With Idol;? Hof. J 4.8. Never think then, thou hall repented, when the fame fins arc fiill committed. Oh it•s a fign that forrow was not from the fpirit of fand'ification, which notes an antipathy, and an irreconcileablc hatred to fin, hut from fome external motives, which ceafing, thy forrow about finne is alfo dri– ed up. ' ' - JI 1. Thirdly, The heart i; deceitful/in th~ 'WDrk.. ofrepentance, In· .At mofl: it fa- thilt ifit do grieve, and reform the omward afls of fin, Jet it doth ti~fieth ic felf·it not throughly and totally. They keep fo'me degrees of their wu~ an/utfin fiill,- The fire is not quite put out ; there are ,embers co– ~=ll :~or~~: nred in tbe afhes, which will break out again. Happily they tion. ·leave off the grolfenefs, and notorious lulls of their former courfes, but yet they are not wholly cleanfed and wafhed. As the people of lfrad under many heavy judgements , they would ddlroy their g·rofs Jdols, but the Hrgh- places were not taken away, Aman parceth with his fins unwillingly, till he be inwardly fanClified, 'and therefore he departs by little acd little, as the extremity is upon him, fo he cometh off to yield more. · You , have a notable 'infiance of this deceitfulnef.s in 1'/l!~rlloh, for at firfi he is very oUlinate, .he fcor~eth at tbe Name ..