Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

J . . .oftbe deceitfolnefe andguil! ofMttns httZrt. Name of God, which .MofeJ mentioned, who commanded him to let Jfrael go. Well, when many fore judgements bad been upon him, efpecially that fwarm of Flies, t his iron begins to be fofcened, and·he fends for Mo{es and Aaion, and faith, he \lJill let the people go, only they muft not go farce away, Exod.8.z8, fo~ething he will d? but not all. · In the next place he is fo terrified 1:1nder the Judgement of the tocults, that again he fends for Mo[es and 4aron, a~d he will , let the peop-le go, only the men muft go, not the women-and the children, chap. I o.I I. Here you fee he cometh a littlefurther. The next judgement is horrible Darknefs, this caufetft a.further work~ chap. r o. 24. for now he will give leave that ' the men and little ones !hall go, only their Flocks and Heards they mu(l; fl:ay . . Still he will not come up to his whole duty, though he would fain do fomething. Then comes the .I.afi: 'and worfi: judgement <;>f 0\ll, The Firfi-born in everf' family .ftricken dead, and that at midnight ; whicb wrought fuch, great terror oa them all, that PharA.oh rifeth up at midnight, and thenwill yield eo all, They and their l~ttle-ones, and their · flocks !hall go. Yoll fee by this in£lance what deceicfulnefs is in every mans heart, to do fomething by degrees, as the . judg~ments of God do compel him: Oh ,tpis is nothing but a deluding of thy felf! Thy heart i' glqed to lii:1, and Gods judgements they ·make .fome forcible divifion from .ir, and fomcthing thou dareflqot but do, thou canfi not but do, only thou 'doU not voluntarily come off to do the whole Will of God. · . 3S ~ Fourth~y, The hearr deceivethtt m,Jn about repentance, JPhen . I V. /tpon trouble for fin he think§th to mak..e GfJd (P!.tu{Action by fome · T~e deceit; / voluntary Yvay (!f 'Worfoip, Gr ftriC!: pe11.1lties thrrt he fh~lt infiiEt fu neife ofthe ttpon-him(e.!f. Whea fuch outward chafl1fements are perform• hehan appears d h h · . . k h . h d . d vv en aman e. ' · c. en e thm s, ere ts repentance enoug ,an allts ma t thinks to make up. Thus among the Pharifees, all that outw~rd worlliip Godamends which they had appointed, was for to pacifie.God, but Ch~ifl byfome vo- J' told thet;n, it was a vain worfhip. Efpecially there is a nota- ~um.:~rrt,way of . . LCrVICC l?le place, Col.a.21,22,23· where the Apoll:fe fpeaks of [eve. · ral commandments, Touch 11ot, tajfe not, hvmdle not, firi& injunCHom, which he fa,ith had a fhew of humility, in neglect" · F 2 ing -·