Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

• of thedtceitfolneffe indguile cfMAns !Je11rt~ ing of the body and not fatisfying the flelh, There was great auficrity and a penal affiidi11g of the body; but .becaufe by thefe they were drawn off from Chrilt, and looked upon thcfe as that which would fatisfie God, hereby they deceived them• {elves. And hence it is that the doClrine of repentance is fo greatly obfcured by Popifh dodrines ; making-the chiefpart ofinoiie in fome extraordinary v-oluntary punilhments un– dertaken for fin; fo that faith in Chrifi, and mortification of fin in the heart is altogether fupprelfed. Now you need not wonder at fuch a doCtrine, for its brought fro.m this deceiva.;. ble frame ofour hearts.. When we have finned we think not of the Scripture, yte do not look to wh:u way God would have us to take; but as if we bad to do with man, we think of fome compenfation prefently : But alas, if thofe eternal burnings in hell be not enough to fatisfie God (fore if they were, men at l~fl would ~e ·out ofnell) how weak and · inconfiderable ate thottDOdfly affiidioAs thou laiell upon thy felf? Not that the Scripture condemncth fafiing and affiiding ofour bodies: PAHidid it left he fhouJd ·be a reprobate, but he·did it not in fucb a manner, and efpecially not upon fuch grounds-and corrupt ends·as they teach. When therefore thy heart fmiteth theefor ·6nne; prcfcntly enquire out of Gods– Word, what way is to be taken for pardon,how is repentance .to be managed, wbat ingredients go to it. We no ptore 'of our fclvcs know what it is to repent, or how we are to re~ pent, then what or how we are to pray. Let this be weU thought on. V. Fifthly, ThuheArt of A n~an deceiveth it[t/fAhout repentance,' And when it Whe11 it judgeth thofe te~~rs ~tnd forrow Which ari[t one/1 ftofnj judgetb-thofc the conftder~ttioll ofGods judgements, heca11/e ofdeath or htll, Art fears a:d f~r the trHe -proper tcar1 ofgod!J -[or.r6w, Whereas tbey differ as ~~i; fr;~~o~. much as the puddle waters do from th'c pleafant tlreams. And Jideration of , this is the great infiance of a mans heart•hypocrifie about hu• GoJs wrath · miliation for fin, therefore do ye the more obfern it. It may jo be godly be thyfoul.is_ i~ gr:e~t beavinefs, th~u gocll bowed down be· orrow. · nufe of thy 1mquwes; yu thou cneft out, thou roareft out~ Oh my fins, my fins ! and thou faieG; what is repentance if this be not. repentance? Oh dwu art &reatly deceived, for if · tb.efe_.