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ofthe Jeceitfolntffed»aguileIfMans ltirt~ "' . tbcfe cryes and tears come only from the ft'nfe of judgtmtnU upon thee, or mcerly for the fear of death and helJ, and nol becaufe God is offended, not bccaufe fin in itsown nature is loathfome and abominabl~: I tell thee, thy heart is deceitful in th;s trouble; thofe very tears mufi be wafhed, and that repentance ·be rep~nted of. See infiances in Scripture; did not 'judtU cry out, was not he inwardly tormented for what he bad done? did not he break out inro that dolefull confef· fion I have finned in lmrll]i»g the innocent blood! yet all this cam~mecrly from horror and ilayifh fear of Gods wrath : He thro,weth away thofe thirty pieces; het knoweth not what to· do : but all this while here is no Evangelical mourning be– caufe God is offendcdJ and fin as fin was not troublefom to him, for then dcfpair in Gods mercy, and diffidence in his love would likewife have been abhorred; fo it was in Cain,. he goeth trembling up and down, the guilr: of fin doth accom– pany him, he crieth out, his fins are greater then·he can bear; ' but all this comes from fear of punifhmcnt. 1cannot let pafs · that pregnant example oft he Ifraelites,Hof.7·I4. where God fiith, They did 1J9t cry unto himWhen they howled M lhtir bed.r · for their WiHe and oyl. Tbcy humbled themfelvcs and cryed · out exceedi-ngly, while God tpok away thofe temporal mer– cies from them; bot it was not unto God, becaufe of fin, it was only for outward mercies ; and therefore he cats it bow– liag; an cxpreffion from beafls, who being kept from food,.· ufe to make fuch miferab'le howli11gs, being rudy to be fami.- · fhtd. Thus you fee, its not pn:fcntly weeping, dying and roaring out for fin~ that prefently argueth the heart repent– ing, but it~s becaufe thy fenfible mcr:cies.are takenaway. Ob · ,~e ~e~rt is full of .unfcarcha.ble hyp~crifie in this refpecl:, that 1t 1s hardly known, whcmts thecvtl of fin, or temporal 'evil that doth lie upon thy heart. Yet I mull give Come cor– rc.Clivcs to this phyfick: I do not fay, That grief and forrew for fin arifing from this,motive, becaufr God doth chafticr, is wholly unlawfull; or that all that repentance which is from bell and ·ftar of death is altogether hypocritical! : No, it is lawfull for a man tobe humbled for his fin~ecaufe of thtfe confideration§; and they arc inaided by God uron.us for th.is . F 3 . very :