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ofthe tleceitfalneffo dndgt~fle f(Mims heut~ 4s 'devils, fee what .pride tickled thfir hearts when they came ter the dutyi~ boa fling to our Sav_iour ofit: But our Saviour correCts them, pe~f5l!~~~· Luk.: 1 o. I_o. Rejoyce no~ in thu, that devils ~tre{uhjeEl untoyou, · but th~tt your N11mes are "WrittEn in Heaven: while they caft the devil out of mens bodies, divelifu pride cntrcd .into their own fouls: Thus'thy heart doth often deceive thee; Hafi thou · . preached, haft thou prayed, with much enlargement, with great affifiance; how doth the heart begin to pleafe and tickle us, Oh this is excellent, this is more then others can do? . No wonder then if we are fo often exhorted to warth and . keep our liurts, feeing there are fuch fccret fubtle waycs of ddlroying us; thou maifi have failed profperouOy through the wide ocean, in the midfl: of tcmpe~s atld waves, and yet · fuffer fuipwrack in the very haven. . · 4• 'The heart dtceiveth m about religiem dutiN, in thinking . 4, all u'We ll{o.that they be done, though not in that ferwnt, lively Alfo it ap:; · and effeEtu~tll manner WhichGod rcquireth. No facrifice could P.ears .in ·~u- . be without fire, neither is any duty of religion well plcafing ~~es, 1 1 1n .tiounk 1•1 d b . · f fi . h · . mo a 1s we . to. <;Jo , ~ 1ch comes. not rom .r~ m t eheart: Fe~vent.tn if 0 they l>e JPmt,ferVH1g the Lord,Rom. I 2. boJitng over: and Chrdl fa td, done, though . The ~eal of Gods ihoufe h~td con/umed hi111--'. And Rev.z. How, not with that feverely is th~ Church rebuked, not for groffe finGes, but fervour,~c.as ' cold,negligent and decayed dut ies : hence the fe rvmt prayer G0 d requ1res. · ofarighteommanu/aid to prevail much, Jam.5. Prayer and all · duties without zeal, are like ameffenger without feet, abird . without wings; but wbofe heart doth not groOy deceive him in this matter ? I have prayed, I have heard the Word to day, . .:: he·faith; but if a~ ked, with what zeal, heavenly mindedn~ffe; . with what unity of aff:etlions, wi.th what firengt h of grace? his mouth is prefently'fiopr. Now is not this lukewarmne1fe in religion the gre:J t finne of all people? thei r hearts are not . prepared, their fouls fi~ ted and enlarged for he-avenly com- .munion with God. Its good to obferve, that the fame word ·· is ufed oftc;n in the Scripture for deceitfully and negligently: . Curfed be he (faith theProphet) that doth t he 'Work.,ofGod deceit· · fu111 or negl igently, Jer-48 . 1 o. as (omerranflate itJ and fo in · many other· places: and in a two-fold refpetl negligence in , holy duties may be called deceit; partly becaufc God is herep. 3 . •by :