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oftht decei:tfulneffi A»Jguilt :if M4tis heart~ -- ..... ~ _( . ...., ' bydefraudedof that honGur and ftlory which it due to1tim.· If thou watt to fpea.k to agreat Emperour, wouldfi thou not diligently attend to what thof.l fayeft, and to what carriage thou expreffett? how much more to the great and mighty - «Jod? for that thou haft defrauded God, as much a·s !yes in ' thee, in many duties. And then fecond(y, Negligence is de· .·ceit, becaufe it depriveth am:sn of all that fpiriuull benefit and heavenly advaetage, which may be had by duties: gre3t and glorious things are promifed to every duty performed in ·an holy manner j bot negligence in them, lofes all this fpiri– tuall benefic: They are fo far from helping, that they endangcr,and double finne upon the foul. . 5· 5. The heart ofa man doth 'W-onderfu!lJ deceifle him. l!y r1ving '"~nd hr rodiJlraWom,andunfett[lno$hle thoughts that come;, at thofe ~ima: drg d_tildaOur hearts are upon otherpleafing objeCl:s, while our bodies o~ts m uty. prefent themfelves before God: Thus God complained of the !ews, that while they heard and offered facrifice, their hearts did run after covetrmfnejfe, Ezek.3 3•3 r. And thus fome ahought the Sabbath a lmrden, that fo they might be felling and buying again,Amos 8.). How d<>th the heart pleafe it fclf, and lull it telf even afleep,and that while in thefe holy perfor: mances I · ~· 6. About religious duties the.he~trt doth oftm decei'Oie it/elf: Jn tak1n~ en. taking inlargements of parts, inteOeElutflllgifts, or {u'Glden tranA ar~eme_m 1 ° 1 f_ Jient affeElions,for the true andpNre 'Workjngs ofgrace. Andn~ pans, tnte e d 'f . h d h ti d . h' . h' fi .a · _Otuall gifcs, won er t ~ mans :eart ?t -e cen. ecetve .'~m t ts re pe~t, or tran.Liem becaufe thtngs are fo alike; and tf fo be D1vmes be fo much . tfeetions for per[>'lexed to give a difference only dotlrinally between aifts ~he pufe;ork- and gr.tccs, how much more difficult is it for the affectionate mgs 0 race. part to make any fuch difiinction ? Tbey that prophefied,pr_ay· ed,and wrought miracles in Chrifis nam.e,thought every thing well, and therefore confidently called Lord, Lord, not doubt– ing ofacceptance; yet Chrifi giveth them a ~epulfe. Thm the temporary believer, that heareth the word, ancheceivcth it with joy, wonderfully deceives his own heart; as if thofe heavenly affedions D~vid{peaks of, were now burning in his bred!:. And certainly this lying deceit is very much in mu1y mem hearti; how could fuch grievous fcandals and apolh.fl('s • be