Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

I ofthe tlec-eitfoJ};e ffoA»JgNJle 'I M411s llt~~rt. be abroad in the world, but that men to(>k religious parts and abilities fo~ graces ? t~ey ~uing th~ appearances, but not the fubftance,d1d foon vandh mto notbtog: Look tAenfor better tnd more enduring things,thciuhofe of the minde only:There may be great gifts in thyprayer when there is n~grace in it, . and fo it is afanifice without fait. Lafily, The guile8fa mans he~trt t~hout religiom dutieJ,u then · '7~ · fl'Oft damnable, 'When they 11re m~tde 11 hlind1 Dr covering for ea'l• And are moft: ~ 1uil and un.godly aflions. This bathbeen fo common, though d~mnable fo h()rrid, thal it gave otcafioo to that Proverb, In Nomine :Ov~~i:ad; a Domini incipit ~mne malum,.,: 'i~td.tu.covetouOyl!efiring m~· ungodl; a~r ney, made a fa1r pretence j Why w.u that oy ntment JPent ? tt CtiQn~ might h4vebeen fola andgiven to the poor. .llhjo/(Jm intending . .that unnaturall treafon againft his father, pretends a vow upon him, which he muft perform. The Pharifces that con– demned Chri!l, pretended their great grief, becau(e ofthe : blafphemy they faid he fpoke: This is high hypocrifie~to make any thing of Religion.a cloak for impiety. Vh of further Exhortation; Let not this truth go firom · your mindcs, ears and hearts, till as Eli/hllts body upon the · d~ad Childt,it bath produced fpiritualllifc amd vigour in you~ Let this word preached, be as the womans leaven bid in three · / p·ecks ofmeal, whith leavened the whole; in thy underfian- · ding,will and affetlions,leaver:Jing the whole man_: Ob wbo{e · heart doth not need thi.s fire to purge~out all his dro1Te. To be deceived in re~igious things, is as much above all W<>rldJy , things, as the foul is above-the body. Doll thou not hear. d1·c " damned in hell, cry out in tlrlis panicular, mere then ·inuy thing elfe? Oh we t:Qifera~le deceived wretches !.:oh ourhy· .pocrifie 1oh our fraudulent and cofening·hcarrts ! Thy heart ·· bath deceived thee, the devil bath deceived, •the werldhatb · deceind thee,fin hach deceived thee: All thefe promifed -ho– ny,but gave thee gall ; AU thefe held eut a bait, l ut an hf>ok · wasfwallowcd~down. , ~·