Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

•' aaaa~aa'*--aa~a~at sE R M~ V I. ' 'The laft great lnflance of the 'Deceit-· Julnijfe of th~ Heart, i,J on .the right hand, andproper only to the qodly. J BR. 17• 9• The Heart is deceltfoll ~Gove all thlngs,&c. ' Tftree Inffances you have heard of the-Dcceitfulaclfe of Mans Heart, and we may fay, thofe tri.e, are omni.e, for all things may almoft be reduced to them; they being like the tria principia, three Principles in Philofophy. Yet there remaineth one Jnftance more of the Hearts Deceicfulnetfe, which is in the clean contrary way to the former, and that is , a deceitfulnclfe of heart oa the right hand, which is not corn· mon to all men,as for the'moff p1rt the former were, but on. ~. , ly to the godly. They do in fome things very mt;rch deceive themfel!es; now its Gods command that we fhould not turn either to the right handor left, Dcut. I7. I I. The left hand the godly are car,efull to avoid, but many times, they decline too much on the right hand: Not that a man can be indeed too godly~or exceeding in hqlinelfe. bu,t he: m1y in u!ing or heap· ing up more means as he thinks for ·godlinelfe, then God bath appointed, feem eo be fo : Solomon bath a faying, Be not ju/1' overmuch, Ecclef.7.16. Its not his iqtent to forbid the height and exactnelfe of godlinelf~, fos we are commanded to love God, with all our heart,and minde,and ffrengch, Cum smni valde t11o, as they tranU,te it: here you fee nothingwill • 1 ferve, . -