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10 oJUprightneffe of ifeirt: Or 3 . 3· Anheutwithoutguile, isnotonlywhentnereisGm~ , When we pro- plity(:ts you heard) in refpetl: of the nature and exc:r~ife ofoar pofe holy ends grace»,that they are feparared from corrupt mixtures offinne, · 111 what we do. but alfo in re[pta of our endJ, when we do purely, and in an · un:red manner, fiedfafily ayme at thofe holy and godly ends, which are required in all we do; for certainly if our eating and drinking muft be to the glory of God, how much more mull our more folc:mn actionst waether relifious or civilt? Th'us the heart is fimple either in refpec:t of graces and the opera.t:ions chere.of, !S when aRiver runs purely, without any mud or filth in it, or when our ends are fo heavenly, that we can with thofe excellent Benjamites, hit the muk we are eo aime at, :xnd not a,v.ft{}rJ.Vfiv firine qr tranfgreffe ; for want of thfs,Jehu was not bl~t.f-ed,though he had many temporall mer– cies,becaufc his heart was leavened with this guile. The Pha.– rifecs duties, pray~~. almes and whole religion haq this.fowr leaven in them,and therefore could not be accepted. Muk the conclufion of that Epiai~, Gr.ace he "With all thole .that love the Lord 'fefUJ in jincerity, Ephef.6. 2 5. or in corruption, ;,cp9t:tplla.J · which fome underfiand perpetually even to the end, but that is aconfeqaent only, incorruption is when we love Chrifi for himfelf, not for corrupt ends, vi~. any carnall advantage- or earthly emolument we hope by him, whfn we do not follow Chrill as {ud41,, ·hoping eo have the bag and enrich our felves thereby. A fieart then without guil~, doth hourly and con– fla~tlylook_.upon the good end heldout in the ~cripture, doth not fqumt awry to temporall profits, but begmneth, cominueth, and endeth all in reference to God. Hence the godly arc fa id to be ofhim, and through him, andtg him: As Chrift is indeed the A!pba andOmega, fo he is to the foul, to honell gracious hear-ts. The difi:inClion of the Schools abour atwofold love ' 11mor C!micitict, a love of meer friendfhip, when we love any. party for his own fake, his own goodne fie and excellency ; as alfo amor concupifcentice, when we love another for our own ends, not for the parties fake, but our fake. This is to be a.p · plied alfo in fome refpetl: eo God; ics one thing when we love bim becaufe of his own worth and goodncffc, another chiug when for fome temporall mercies only we expect by him; · th is