Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

'I he Heart rvith6utGuilu~ . this.Jatt~r is not unlawfuiiJo that it be not principal!; let it be Hagar the maid, not Sara-h the Miflris; yea if this HRgar at any ciJ:n~ bear up too high, .then curbe her and throw her out ofdoors : Oh then labour for this bleffed cfiare, to be,able to fay, 0 Lord, I have ferve_~ thee with afingle ~ye and a fingle heart I have not had otl1er lovers befides thee, my love bath been 'pure and chall, and t1 uty here .is greater reafon, for there is enough in God to fatisfie thy end : Its no marvell,if the befi creature in the world cannot fatisfie, becaufe its a fi– nite and limited good, its a drop·not an ocean ; but of/Cio~ only may the foul fay, whom have I in Heavm but thee, and on Ntrth but thee? We fee the Moon and all the Starres are not able to difpell the darkrte5fe of the night and to make day,only' the Sunne can do that; fo though air the creatures fhould arife in their full glory, they cannot make aday,a full bleffed· neffe,That tbeSonne ofrighteoufneffe mufi only do. . · ' 4· An heart Wit bout guile, u that Whhh doth mt hide and con· 4• . . et ale finne, bm confrf{eth it heartily, and \Vith great {h.1me and A hc:u:r 1 wnl~- · .1: ,f:f l bJ G d Ad h' · d d' h · · our ouie, hlconJ ujion o; 1 ou eJ ore o : n t .ts tn e_c IS t emam partt- deth~wt Q · cular of guile: to which the Pfalmifl doth here relate ; for you cealeth ~o~~~ fee what David faith ofhirnfelf, hew that he kept his jimze but confeficd~ clofe within him, and that was like the winde got in tl1e bow- it:&c. els of the earth, that had no venr, it made him tremble and quake, yea even rpar our, and he h:td no eafe, till he confdfed' to God and bewailed it; yea when he did but fay, he would ack__nowledge huJinnes, that is,refolve and purpofe dfedually to do it, immediatly he had great eafe; for this you rnutl know,it was with Davidas it is with many a man, he had guile offinne within that fiung like a Scorpion, that made him refileffe; but fiill he laboured to conquer thofe agonies,to wea r them out, to jullifie, or cover,or_ exu:nuate the finne oqe way or other: As d1e Hart that hath the deadly arrow firucl{ in , her, runs up and do~n, labouring to eat it out, fo did David, an4 fo doth many a man, but (alas) frill the pain and guilt of ~nne cqntitmes,, till aman taketh the true and honeH. way, ttll he doth plamly confeffe and open all his heart toGod, faying, 0 Lord why do I cover my finnct any longer? why do ! hid.e lt? ! am come to lay open my w·hole hearr, to conc~ate nothing, '