Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

71. of Uprightneffi of Heart: or nothing, to fprea.d b.efore thee alt that evil that deaveth to me; and truly this i:l a great guile which men wounded for finne run into, thev deal not plainly withGod, they do not touch upon the right foare, they will let dl their children go but Benjamin; fuch and fuch finnes they will acknowledge · to God, but that which is indeed the ?onah, that troubleth all, either .b:ecaufe of t-he fh me, or fomt other confidcrarion, or the 4.e.Yi~ -fecretly ·tempting, they never confdfe truly to Oo.~~ancf abhor themfelves for it; and therefore are like fome !lhamefac'd patients, that will rather futfe.r their difeafe to ·:'. kill them, then acquaint the Ph)rfitian with it: Oh then take up D11.vids way, Ijaid I Would ack_nowltdge, and then thou wilt .' finde Bavids joy and peace. 5. 5, An heart Withopt guile, is really andtruly that '"'hich dif- !t diCclaims all claimethall its own -rv~rth andrighteoufnej{e, givingall t9 grace, . 1ts 0 ':' 1~ wort co"!mi:ti'/{}g_it /elf.Y>vhol'! to Chrift, And thus fome. Expolicors an~_ng ;e~• brmg m thts qaaltficatton, by way of coherence Wtth the for- · neue,an~.~gtvcs bl rt:-d rr J • h 'ffi f {i all toorace. mer, euc neuc yes 10 t e rem I IOn 0 tnne, a meer gr:r0 ciom favour of God, not in tro9ing to our own righceol!lf– ndfe; according to that rule,juftitia noftrit eft Dei indulgentiai our righteoufnelfe is Gods indulgence; and then are we ju– tl:ifie.d, not when we .have done what we ought, but when what we have not is pardoned unto us: Chrift bids,T.t~heeJ oft he leaven ofthe Pharifies, 'Which W.u hypocrijie: nowa great deal of thier hypocrifie and guile lay in this, that they jufii– fied themfelves~ that they crufied to th~ir own righreotl[ncffe; thus that Pharifees heart was full of guile, who fo extolled himfdf above the Publican: On the contrary Pauls heart fiood right to Chrift, there was ao gllile \V.ithin, when Phi!. 3· be accounted all things dung and drof{e in comparifon of. the righteoufneffe of Chrift. , Now this is a great matter, to attain to fuch fincericy and hondl dealing of the heart with Chrift; to be beholding only to his merits, to give all to grace: eo take Luthers advice, Cum ncn tantum ab operibm mqlis, fed etiAm ab operibm bDntj; take heed not only of thy finnes,but of chy righteoufneife and good works alfo: we may reJde ofmuch feeming devotion an~ religion even among the Jefuites, efpecially inNerimbergim de adoratione Dei in fpiritu & veriMte,