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S s Crain. Falfe Signs of Grace. 133 As theword of God istheTreafureofall revealed truth, foGod áIfo implant- edaNatural truth in our confciences ; fothat theSpirit ofGod doth fuggett no- thing that is contrary either to revealedTruth, orimplanted Truth, the Anabáp- tin ¡nftanced in by Spanhemistsin his H¡ltory, pretended he had a revelation tokill his brother, which accordingly he did: this revelation could not be ofGod,becaufe againit natural light, but of the Divel. Whatfoever is either againft revealed , or implanted light in Men , cannot be thought to come from the Holy Ghoft. Seventhly , As theoperationsof the .ffiritof god, are difcoveredby the rule of Truth, foal faby the eoncomitarit; andeft¿i;ofthem : Which are two efpecially, 7. bolinefs oflife,and humïrity. Concomitants If you examine the courfeof the falte Prophets in the Old Tritament, and of and eltè@s d;f- thple recorded in the New their fruit was corruption in manners, and worfi.ip , e swó`kinst encouraging thofe that were ungodly in their evil ways : It was Michaiale onely , from deinfons. not theocher400Prophets that.ahab hated,becaufehe only faithfully reprovedhim for his fin : ¡oche Prophetefs fubornedby Nehemiah' adverfaries, was to difcou- rage him inthe work of Reformation. Humility alfo will quickly mar,ifeft the fpin tofGod working in a man : Páal had a great raptare ,,even into the third heavens, but hall he /howldbelifted tap with themultitudeofrevelations, thereto& a thornin thefiefh, andbuflatting' ofSatancontinually aff3itliagof him. The holy Ghoft defcended in the form of a Dove uponChrift, to thew how meek and humble the operations ofit are in chorewhere it dwels. Laltly , Not onely fuggeftionsfromSaran may deludeus, as ifcoming from the s Spirit, bat alfa violentmotioui,andfirong imaginations of-our ownheart'; we may Strong (anti- take them is coming from Gods Spirit, which 7l ry onelyfrom the violenceof our oar and imagi- own tpirits: Thus the falte Prophets, they I eakofthemfelves, and according to naùons of oar thethong inclinations oftheir ownheart: fo great a matter is it to difference taut own Hearts of- which is humane in us, from that which is divine. Now the reafon, why in delufi- `enermine ns, , I' by Ceeming to ons weare fo confident, is us the fpirits pica , From the violence ofallfalfemotions, whetherfrom our!elves, or of Satan, workings. They being avoua irregularities, do hurry the foulbeyond all bounds and limes; Whymei, are fo that the Divel worketh in mens fouls, as hedid on their bodies , wichviolenrand Co confider";n fuddenalterations : and thefe mutt needs produce ttrongpaffions and affeetions in dela us, of love,joy, or hope ; whereas the fpirit of Godworking conformably to the From the vio: rule, is more (educe, andorderly. Indeed the efficacy of Gods fpirit is °demon, lenceoffalfe ftrated by that apparition offierycloventongues, and by a mighty 'lathing W nd ; but "rations. at another timeappearing in theform of aDove, demonftratech that it is Inch fire and power, as alto is confinent withother graces ofmeeknefs and humility. Hence the peopleof God , who are partakers of the Holy Ghon , are alto pofíèlfed with an holy fear and trembling in chemfelves , whereas others are not fo, Secondly,Therefore aremen confident in thefe,Becatt/e they are admiredby others, From óthers and they dram a multitude ofdfciple',Many times even godly men have been drawn admir;ng and sfide toomuch after rhole,who havepretended toRevr lacions,and Extafrrs. The following them Apottle fpeaks r Cor.2.4 That be n'aoamong rho Cori atbihos, noria enticing words of mans vifdom,but in the demonffrationof the fjtirit. But howwasthat?becaufe his Doetnine was confonant to Gods word, and it was companied with an efficacious power toraife up to allGodlines.Now falte Aponles,that they may alto beapplaii- ded,would gladly comein fomedemonflrationof thefpirit; nothing fo prevailing ad fuch retemblances: It is known in Ecclefiaflical ftory , how foulyTertallias wad deluded by admiringofMontanueandPei/cila as Prophets,contemning all others asmeer natural men : It is PaidofSfeinlefelditu, who fo much magnifiedRevelati- ons, and debated Scripture, That Caput regulation i/li defnit, car bottom nomde- fait, he had a good heart, thoughnot a found head: fo eafily aregoodmen tempted away, withthabwhich feemethtobemore fpiritual then ordinary.