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THE CONTENTS. SECT. XII. inblíngtt eúooAof à5loce unDes tieCítle of Vocation, of Calling. SERMON XCIX. Rom.8, 3o. Moreover, whom he didpredeftinate, themhealto called, &c. The nature ofVocation opened, in refpect of the efficient and in- ftrumental caufes ofit. SERMON C. Holding forth the natureofvocation ordivinecalling. SERMON XCI. Afurther Explanationof the natureof effeEtual calling, by (hew- ingfrom what, and towhat God calls us: As alfo,the Epithets the Scripture givesit. SERMON CII. Contains fome choice properties oreffe&s that accompany effectu- al vocation; whereby men may examine and try themfelves whether they be fo called orno. SERMON CIII. z Cor.z.z6. For yefee your calling, brethren, how that not maywife men after the flefb, not many mighty, not many noble are called. Stirringupto ferious and fixed Meditations upon this calling, in re- fpeEtof the manner and timeof it, and the perlons called. SERMON CIV. Of true fpiritual wifdom, the nature and propertiesof it, difcover- ing who are thereal wife men in the world. SERMON CV. Wifemen afterthe flefhi Charaeterized, and (by Godfor the molt part) rejeêted. SERMON CVI. Reafons why God paffethby Humane wifdom, with thedifference between it and true fpiritual wifdom : Allo, the commendation of Humane Learning, andhow neceffary it is for aMinifter. SERMON CVII. Of theconfrftency of earthly greatnefs and nobility with godlinefs: And yet notwithftanding, how rareit is for loch men to becal. led and faved. SRRraoN