Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

and though it baniIheth bate and fordd plea- fures , which are beneath the Dignity of a elan, much more of true Nobility and Ge- neroufisefre ; yet it knower how to make ufe of the Delights that G O D affords in thts world, and orders and guides them fo , as by it they are enjoyedwith adouble fweetneffe, farre above that Which others finde. And yet further, there are two more blef- fed conyunEiures which adde much honour to you ;the one rs afacile yeeldablene(f"e orSpirit to ¿ny, (though much inferiour) in any thing, wheregood may be done : andyet ofrong, un- an-veable, fcdfaf, r%luteSpirit mainfi that which is evill. It was the high commendati- on that Nazianzengaveof Athanafius, that he was IVlagr)es & Adamas A Load-flone in his fweet,gentle,,draWing nature; and yet anA. ¡ Evco:v A- I thanalf. damant in etc refoluteflout carriage againfl Choi tvho were eviti. The other is this, (which makes all hearth full and lovely indeed) though God bath rai- fedyou high in birth, in abilities,in the efirenz ofmen both goodand ba4 ; yet the Luftre ofthe humility ofyourfpirit, fhines beautifully tho- row atl,minifeft ing itfèlfe in muchgenticnR(fe andmeekneffe; and this is the height ofall trip- excellency. 4man 6f- nderflanding is of an excellent 'Spirit , faith Solomon, Proverbs 17. 27. the word in the Orí inall is. A cool ,.. Spi, ir. In alto pofico non lcum fapere datlicilr cil , & omnifu