Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

Dedicatory. omnino inuGtatum : fed quanto inufitatius, canto gloriofus, faithBernard, Ep. 42. The Lordcarry ooyour truly noble and generous Spirit , that youmay long holdforth thepow- er, beauty and excellency of his grace. Let the height ofall your defignes be, to lift up the Name ofthe great God. 2 Corinth. 5.9. We labour, faith the Apoftle, whether preterit or abfent, to beaccepted of him : The word tranjlated, Labour lofeth the Elegancy of it , it is 90,o71 :f,csraa, we love the honour of it ; it u. filch a labour as we account it our ho- nour andglory : we are ambitious ; to have highdefignesfor god, is a holy and blebedam- bition ; where4r the ambition ofother men is low and bate : Infcelix prorfus ambitio, qux ambi remagna non nav ir, faith Bernard. Ac- countyour felfe 61e(fedwhenyour God is blef- fed. It was the blcfno ofShem, Ger. 9.26. Bkfted be the Lord Godof Shem ; the chiefe of S hems blefngs was, that his LordGod was ble ¡fed. That which Ifee6`e, is to engageyour Lord- fhipforGO D , and to flirre you up to an- fiver fully the efteeme the expectations that men have ofyo; whore eyes areupo4 you as a puklickbleffin, and an ornament to the pro- feffion of the truth. Andyet this I defire your Lord0ip would confider, (46 I know you doe) that Religion is a greater honour and ornament toyou, then you are to it ; it cloth and will more honour you. the