Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a deiceanda preciogs f frit. i foule , the Kings daughter, theSpode of Jfus Chrift, i5 beautifull within, and enlightned, free, royall, fublime, hum- ble, fanai5ed, publik; heroical', fcri- ous,aCtive, faithful' fpirit; this is:ano.. her f pirir indeed , not thecommon or- dinary fpirit. Sixthly, another fpirit, it feeds upon other comfort=,differing from thofethat common fpit its feed upon : Every life draws to it things finable to the nature of it., and findesfome kinde_ofc_oncent and comfort in the enj ytraent Of fuch things. We account life no: tfc, except it hath the fill&ngs.òf it, with things fura .>le,fromwhtncc :it may havecorn,- fort,according to the variety ofleverall prirYciples, wherebyevery creature that hath life, lives fuclrs the.vatity of comforts in themor1.4 : So it'h life of thisfpirit muff havecomforts,°futable to it and becaufelt differs from the life ofother fpirits therefore theicamfot is of it are different, it lives uponother. comforts. Thelife of a log is main- tained bycarrion, ofaSwine by twill, ófaToadbypoyfon; but what loth a man care for there á :though, Carrion-