Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

A graioro fpirit, Twelfthly, the fpirits of the godly ire E aithfull fpirits, faithfull ro God and Sheri, fach a4 will certainly flick to, and will bee true to their principles ; you mayknow where to finde them if you know theirprinciples, which are found and goodsas before.. The righteous is u anever:ailing foundation, Prov. to: 2s. you may build upon him ; there is an cverrncile inall his wayt.s , a confl.ncy, anutriverfality of truth and fait h`ulnes fc.4 it proceeds from the holineffe of their¡pits , as the faithfu lneff cfGod proceeds fromhishot neffe: rind there- fore thofe mercies ofDavid, Efay 5 5, 3. theyare called the holy fore things of `rtegala David,Ats 13.34. Gods holines'Tiaïces ActCa 78 a. them fir re, beilig once promifed. Theremay be aparticular faithfulnes in fame things, between man and man, where but fumecommongifts, and the fpiit not this choice fpirit , but that faithfulneffe comes not from a holy frame -, and therefore there is not anuni- verfality in it. Th-fe are the fpeciall qualifications of thiss other fpirit, thefe are the bright gliaring Pearles, with which a godly foule.,