Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

' 1gractvts spirit, ly thdemutt needs be foule fatisfying, foule-ravithirg con'olations : God is the Godof all confolation , and there- fore here. are all ci foutions. There is furely it,fïnite good and fweetLeffe, treafures of ail excellency in God , and what are they all for, but to bP com- forts for the fpiráts of his fervanrs to rejoyceirie thefearenot for common ordinary fpirits, they have meat the world knows n3t,of, a (franger lhall not intermeddle in tholejoyes: menof rankand quality as they are in higher condition' then o7 hers, fo theircomforts anddelights ar, Mach different f otn the delights of ordinary people: God bath raifed the condition of his people higher thenother men, fo hehath railed their comforts 5 Chiidrens bread from the Lords own table, isprovided for them ,' while -husks and fwill fcrves worldly fp dh '`heir comforts.fIch, as are thedelights ofG 'd himfelf, and ofJefus Chrift ; they partake with them in theirjoys : and furely, filch joyes as theycome ar.ci joyn with them in, muff needs be tweet and Ow ions indeed.. I } andmy Father ( layes thrift) wiilcorJ aNat