Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choiceand arecioaasfpirit. 77 earth , all the bravery and glory of the work! not wor.hy to bementioned with this. The fot...le is the a xcellcncy of a man , -and this is the exce lencyof the foule: amans k if is his foul. Hence wh}'reas in l latrh.16.26. it is faid; what (hallitprofit aman i f hegain thewhelworld, and lofehis ornn fluke r it is laid in ano- ther E»angelif1, Luke 9.25. What Ad it profit a man ifhegain the world , and lofe himflf? Surely, fpirituall excel- lencies are the lhighr& excellencies 5 as , Firft thefe fpirituall excellencies have this propri ty in them, theymake a man a better man, wherefecver they are, which bodily excellencies doe not, nor all the riches nor honours in the world: A tan is not thr better manbe- caufehehathmoney,cloaths, honours, better dyet then others 3 thefe are but outward thingsadded toLim, no intrin- fecall excellencies. Secondly, thefe fpirituall excelle ri- ciesare the beginnings of eternall life, the fame lifewe fhall have in heaven: and hence tae work of Gods S;,irir in the foule, is called, Theearnel ofthe Spi. rit