Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

choice ,Indapreciousfprit. Fiftly , theft are fuch as are fit ¡land before theLordit,-,) havec.stnverfci aridenjoy communion with him, Dan. i . 4. wee read& , that thofe that were judged fit tu (land in the Kingspallace, before KingNebuchadneUar , they malt haveno blernifh , they nna be wel4a- . voured, andskilfuil.in all vvifdorne, and cunning inknowlec'ge and underftand- ing fcie-ricc , and taughtthe ¡earning, and the-tongueot the Chaideans. Every fpirit is nDt fir to Itand before the King ,oti heaven , to have co7iVerfe with him; nonebut the reafonablecrea cure is capableofany filch thing as corn- mullion with God, and it muff bee. the realonable creature thus rai!ed they mat be men ofother fpiritS. A manof anexcellent fpiri cannot endure con- verfe withbafefo did Girit; i-trucli kfle can God, who is that bleffed holy Spi. riti No creaturecan have communion 1 withanother, butfUch as live the fame life hence the beaft cannot have com- munionwith man, becaufe Mans pro-, per 1 fe is rat ionall t hefeare the 1.0 irks yvhobeing partakers of.the life of Grs)cl., arc fi tted foyconverfe and communion G \\J 83