Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

. Dedicatorie.. theneveryou didor can honour it. Your birth made you.. onourable, but.oh,how, honourable have you. been, faceyou havebeen pretiots in Gods,éyes ! Efay 41. 4, Your parts were al_ wades hopefull., bat now apparently.have they beeta"railedfince Grace had, íantti f ed them ? AlthoughGod ta,cs it well at the hands of there whomhe hathraied in the thinà.rot the worldhigher thenothers, when .he,feeth them forward infetting o ct hisArai/e ; yet he would not have them thinke that he is beholding to them, as ifthehonour ofGod depended fo up- on them , as it would faile did they not put t9 their help. No, G'0D can rai/e hip Honour by othermeanes, he canglorifie himfelfe, and get himfclfe a 'Treat Name , by low , meane and contemptible things It is not besaufe G O D bath needofHonour fromyou,but be- caufe he delights to honour you,that he ù plea- fed tooreyou in hisfervice. It is an advance- ment to whatfoevergrearne ffeyou have in the world, to be imployed for God, were it but in the me:tnefl fervice bee bath to doe. Where the Heart is right , -even in that it glorteth more then in all the dignity that earth can put ti %.n it: But yet thegreater Infiruments the Lord , a thegreater er- or; raifeth up for hislcry, f vice he calls them unto, thegreater things may we hope he intends for his. Church. Wien Saint j ohn faw the Elders calling down their Grownes before the Throlìe, fay- ' e;F.h ; Troll art wort! , O Lord , to receive