Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

ifswims [pit*, had feat fir inflrumentsabroadamong the people to leaven them , to pr p .re them, by perfwading them , that if filch a thing were done ,it were no great mars ter 3 they fhould ffill worthip the true., God ; the difference was but the cir- cumftance of the place; and thus- when they were leavened , then they were fit for the Oven;,thatis, for the purpofes and intentions ; of thofe Nho- edited to fet up the Calves , which wereas hot as anOven. According roany fervLe the Dcvill h ithfor men , hehàth devices to raites their fpirits to that height ofwvck- cdneffe,as thin fit them foi it. We have a notable relationofHofinian concern- il g this. When the J:fuits have made choice ofan Inftrumcnt , for that King- killing fervice, that they intend to fet himabout, they doe not put himupon ¡` it, until! they have fiat raifc d and fit- ted his fpirit for the fery:ce by thefe meanes. I.. Theybring him toa very private place, in a Chappell or Oratory; where theknife lyes wr.ipt up in .a ci s: th with an IvoryMeath, with divers characters, t and //grape/ uponit5 they draw the knife, _