Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choiceand aprecious fpirit. knife , and bedew it with holywater, 1 1 andhangon the haft of it force Beads i' confccratedwith this Indulgence, That fomanyblows,as he gives in the kil-ing the King, fo many fouls he fhhll lave out of Purgatory : then they give the knife to him , commending it in theft words, O thou chofen fon ofGov,. take tothee the fw?rdof lephte,Sanpfn David, Gideon, prdith, of Maccabws of yuli,a the fecond who defended him- kite from the Princesbyhis iword : go and be wifLly courag,ous, and God ftrergthcn thyhand; then they fall up- on their knees with th.s prayer ; Bee prefent;O ye CherubinsandSeraphins; beprefent yet Thrones , Powers, holy Angels, fill this holy velfel withglory, give him the crownofall the holyMr- tyrs; he is no longer ours but your companion ; and thou, OGod, ftreng- then his arme that ht e may doe thy will; giving hire thy helmet and wings toMe from his enemies; give him thy comforting beams, which may joyhim in the rnideft ofall hi forAows. Then theybring him to theAltar, where the pi ire off- facob=ts Clemens is ) who killed HHeairy 9'