Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

98 r!`griEions fpirig, Row unfavç ry to any wh have the kalt of God in theme If the Lord lhould give men but a viewofthehor- rid deforanedneífe,and fithineffe of their fpirits, it would ::maze them, and finke their hearts in wofull horrour; they could not but abhorre themfelves , as loathfomecreatures , fit to be raft out from the Lord ,asan everlafling curie: efpecially, if together with the filth of their own fpirits, they had a fight of the infinite brigtitneVandglory oftheho- lineile of God, who is an infinite, pure, glorious Spirit. God abhorri not any other filthineífe,but the filth ofspirits. The Devils are abhorredof God , be- , caufe they are unclean Ípirits. There is no other ohjedofGods hatred, but the corruption of fpirits. Godmade mans foule at firft , a molt excellent creature, thevery glale of his own infinite wil. dome and holineffe; bur now, what an ugt , bale,, loathfome creature is it where it is not renewed;' I i mens bodies weredeiormed,and ran withloathròme. ifTues, and putrifi.ed fores , howdejected would they be in their own thoughts ? But certainly thisfpiritdefilement is in. E corn-s