Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

1111.1MINA a choice arietapreciousjp,rtt. 91 corrupt rules they goeby , a:IA ,.. orropt .. ends they have in what they cl,' e 1 The bafe imployments they pilt Their /13:ms to,_thc noifonvedift mpers of rn .he,and bafe comforts they reed i,pon 1 The heart ofthe rvicke) u little worth, fiy:s the Scripture, Prov. 1o., 2o. Perhaps your Lands, your houfesmay he forne- thingworth , but what' are your heart worth a.' they are worthnoliing,full of thaffe and droffe ; like childfens poca kets, full of ftonts and dirt, while the fpirits ofthegodly are flare houfes of mott choice and p' ecious r rearures. When Grace is gone from theCode, theexcellency is departed from it; as it was faid of Rttben , his excellency was departed, in refpeet ofthat finne of his. , Flowmany aman or womem whohave faire comely bodies,goodcornplexi,'),n, beautifullydreffedup ; but within, fpi- rits moft uglyandhorrid fpirits full of filth, full of venome and loathfonSdi- fternpers e fpirits full of wounds' and putrified eores, breeding filthineffecon- tinually; nothing ere but filth and corruption iffuingout from them :. Men of corruptminds,,a.s theApottle fpeaks:' --How