Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choiceandaprecioNsfpirit. be fo farre degenerated and debated 1 Efpecially, how vile is this , that m:, who in regardof eftates and place , are raifedaboveothers, andbe truftedwith large and bleffed opportunities ofwor- thy fervices for. God and the Church : but they mindenothing but fatisfying theirlufh, tohave theirfports; let the caufe of God , Church , or Common, wealth lie bleedin ÿ , they regard not. Whata lamentable thing is it , to have to a weight ofgreat bufindtesof confe- quence, todepend upon filch weak-fpi- riled men, who mincenothing but va- nityand baftneífe :' they Vav4 no wor- thy enterprize in their thoughts , tr eir fpirits fo effminated, that they will door fuffer any thing for the fatisfy- ing of their lufts : otherthereare,.who have remaining in them many excellent ,parts , precious natural l endowments but of what ufe are they , but to enlarge their fpirits to capaabl of morewick- ednefL then the fpitits of Other men are, wife todoe evill, the fitteft inftruments forSatans depths e Who fuch rneni :s toChrift, as the Scribes and Ph arifees, men ofthe ftrongeHftparts 3 ? Who f eneach - toI :70't.r.",.