Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choie andaprecrosfpirit, flcemedofhim air counterfeits; be ab aid ethfrom our wayes, sfrornfrlthine e ; he conanendethgreatly helater endofthe¡nil. Verfe 39. Lee as examine him with re- bakesand torments, &c. Let the relation and engagements Le what theywill, yet f _) long as different fpirits , they cannot clof°. Whata differentfpirit wasthere betweenyacob and Efau,who1.y in the fame wcmbeat the fame timer There maybe outward peace for a while be- tween Gods people ,e and forne wicked men ; but inward clofing offpirit there can never be : Thefpirit that is inyou, the worldcannotreceive, (ayes our Saviour, y7*n 14.17. Antipathies are, irrecon- ci'ea,le; n. arguments, no meansever ufed can caule anaccord,except there be a ch - ng':. in nature Nothing_ in the wo,ii puts mens fpirirs in fuch a di- fiance, asgracewhen that cr mes ; and therefore where t'emoft eminent grace there thegreateft difagreencnt betwcc n them andwicked rnem Howmany wic- ked men cannot but be convinced of forne godly , who live with them , that they are better then themfehres, that they areconfcicnt ousmen,whofeprin- H