Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

c4 Cait'S Seim bonto vir,fd hri¡lianas. A graciota f irit, espies are truly godly, `and that they walk clofe to theme hey arenot able tocharge thorn withan ill carriage to- ! arc', s them ; they feek todoe them all thegoo' they can , and yet theirfpirits cannot clofe : `bur a.s theywere wont to fay in fóraae.r times, Caws Sews was 4 good man, but hewas a ;;hrij fan ; to now, fuch are good men , but they are too ftrié, and this eno !gh tokeep a perpe -. tuall breach between them. CH AP. V. Learn to have a right ef/cer offuch pre_ clots'fpiritedmess F the godly bee of fuch excellent fpirits, learn we thenhence to have a right char) of them ; they furs1y are worthy of precious account, of molt horourab1ecflecm,whoare men of fuch xcellcflt fpirits : Let them bee what they will, in regard of their outward condition, though never fo mean and poore. Nomatter what the Ring bee, if the pearle in it be precious. Many alofít