Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

116 A gracious ' able to imagine; there there wee are to look upon, as molt bleffed andhonour- ablecreatures. CHAP, VI. ARebuketo thisvile world, whohave vile conctits ofthis fpirit, andabaft menof fuckexcellentfpirits. I F the fpirits of godly men be thus pr.cious, how vile then is this bafe world, whichhath fuch irraticnall ab- furd conceits ofthis1piir and which fo fcerns and abufes menof !Lich excel- lent fpirits ? There arc twc branchesof thisufe : In the HI , thevile conceits that men ofthis worldhave ofthis fpi- rit, are rebuked For, i They think godlinesbefools men. 2 They thinke it makes themcow- ards,to be men ofno=tallandvalour, poore fpiritcd men. 3 They think this fpirit tobe a tur- bulent !pink, as Ahab faid of E/ifrik, Arc thou he that troubles Ifrael Lather was