Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice andapreciousfpirit. ar For, I. Mans nature ismore highly advanced then theirs being hypoftati- callyunited to the Divine Nature. 2 The righteoufneffe whereby the Saints come toglory, is a higher righte- oufneffe¡, a more excellent righteou Ines then that ofthe Angels s though theirs beperked in itskind, theirs is therighte- oufnes but of meet. creatures , but the righteoulneffe oftheSaints., isthe righ- teoufneffe ofthat Perfon,which is both Godand man, 3 The fonneilhip of the Saints, is founded in a higher right, then that of the Angels, namely in the fonnt fhip of the fecondPerfon in Trinity. 4 rhey are the members of Jefus Chrilt, and fo in a nearer union with him then anyothercreaturee 5 Theyare the Spoufe ofthe Lamb, whereas the Angels are but rniniaring fpirits, as the fèrvants of the Bride- groome, but theSaints are theBride. Surely then; to amercies referved for thcfechoice fpirits, arc choiceandglo- rious, not only other mercies then o-' thers have, or they thcmfclves have now, but other mercies then they are 12 . able