Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

A gracious fpirit, fucheftates,hopes, preferments, andde, fignes as you have , things fitter for poore fn tkes, meaner people contem- ptible filly foules to look after; If this be the excellency of your fpirits , then godlineáfe debafes them indeed , yea, it debafes them s low as hell it ielf ; it calls fhame inthe faces of, and breaks in pieces fuch haughty, fwoln fpirits as thefeare, is brings them down to lie at Godsfeet, as poore contemptiblecrea- tures in their own eyes, loathing, and abhorring themfelves,as there is infinite caufe they fhould , and judging them- felves worthy to be deftroyed ; but as forany true naturall excellency of fpi- rit, godlineffe dothnot quench ir, but railes it, and beautifies ir,and perfeCts its It is either groffe ignorance, or defkc rate malice, that caufes thefeconceitsof thework of godlincfie in the fpirits of men, yea, there is much blafphemy in theme What r fhall theworkofGods grace, wherein the gloryof God con- filets , which is the lifeofGod , the I- mageof God , the Divine Nature , as harkbeen (hewn ; fh di it be the deba fing, the befotting, the befooling of mens