Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

asiceandosperiotisflirit. 119 mens fpirits What e dothholineffc, that makes God glorious, make man contemptible and vile doth that which make God fo honourable in the eyes of the bldledAngels and Saints, make man a for, and a foole in the eyes of men ? Oh I that ever there fhould bee fuchmake in the hearts ofmen againft thegrace ofGod, evertohave fuchvile conceits ofit; pray, if it be pogiole, that this thought of thyheart may be forgiven thee. Did not make blinde men , theymight fee that theLordbath had,andDill hath , omeor his Saints as eminent inany outward true excellen- cy, as any in theworld; asgreat Scho- lars, as brave Courriers ,asany livirkg asdeep in policy, as profound it learn- ing , as conip!eat every way as any whofoever. Who more eminent in learning then Mofes, howas learned in all the learning of the /Egyp ians ? who ever had a higher ftraine ofelo- quence then Efery e whoevermorepro. found then Saint Pdal? And in latter times, yea , even in our dayes , the Church hath not wanted worthy and glorious lights who havebeen 4 din ly