Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

A I 3 0 1. rl graciousfpirit, boured in the work oftheLord . inhis pblikeMiniffery, was fo ill ufed of the world , that he was fain to get into a Weavers houle , and learn to weave, that by it he might get himfelfand his family bread;andwithina whilehe was accounted unworthy of that prefer- ment,and was thruft out ofthe houfeby his Matt( rthe Weaver,& then was for- ced togo to thecomon ditchofthe town &workwith his fpade to get his living. Wholeheart bleeds not tohear of thefe former examples , and divers others, men of,moft precious fpints thus ill u fed by this unwoithyworld, even fuch in whom Chri(f rejoyces that ever he fliedhis .blood for theme £fay S3. n. fuch as he Wáll glory in, before his Fa- ther , and the bleffed Angels ; yet thus are they abufed by this wicked world : The more eminently t he fpirit of Christ appears in any,themore is the rage ofevill men againf .them. As it is reported of Tyg`rs, that they ragewhen they final the fragrancy of Spices; the fragrancy of the Gracesof Gods Spirit in his people, which are delightful) to Godand his Saints,puts wicked men in- to