Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

. dolct4t2ílaiti.rtciou.rjpir1t, 129 of himfelf, that he was a leproach of men , and defpifed of the people : all that faw him, laughed him to acorns; tb fir ilior out the lip, and ¡hook their aead at him, P'. 22. 6, 7. and jc 6 be- fore hirn,he was made aby-word ofthe people, and as a Tabret unto them; as he fiyes ofhitnfclf, chaps. 17.6. The fameufe had thehleifed Apoffles, who were filled with the Spirit of Cod; none more (corned,perfecuted ,Contem red, then they. The mot} worthy and farts men in the Primitive times, found no berreruÇe then thefe. 'Ir were infinite to inhiance in particulars. Igna- tim , Polvearprws c thanafiuc Cì.vyp - flome, B41, and the ref¡, reproached, ban:flied from their people ; perfecu- ted, and exceedingly contumelioufly afed. In later tirnes,themore excellent the fpirits ofmen were, the worfe ufe did theyever tindefrom theworld: We might inftance in Wicklife; tita, Lather, Zivingliais, Mcrfui'iis, &c. ''I cannon palfé by that fadexample of Me f utu6, who was a man' of as brave a fpirit as any lived inhis time andavery learned and godly min 5 yetWafter he nett much la- mss: Salvian complains that in his time, which was in the fifthCenttt- ty, bonzlwe.i cogunt1Lr offe rxali,ne vile. h.tbeanrur. Me chirA- damus in vita Mufcu- li,