Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

grasioas pirit, mould not mifgive them; even while they areabutngofthem; that theircon- fcienceBoth not tell them,Surely thefe men we dot miflake in, they are led by otherprinciples then weknow of ; they have fomthing with n that doth fupport them , we uiderfland not. It is a won. der men are not afraid to abufe them as they doe: As Num. 12. 8. The Lord faith to Miriam and Aaron, concerning Mi'fès,when they fpokc againifhicn,Were you not afraid to fpeak again/I my fervant toffs ? The words are very emphati- call in theHebrew, they re thus , Were yce not afraid tofpeake againft my [avant, againfl mots? Were rye onel / my fer- vant,though "he were not Mofs 5 were you not afraid r but when my fervant, í and Mofes that is filch an eminent fer- vant of mine, in whom tomuch ofmy Spiritappeared, were you not afraid to fpeak againff him rt Certainly,, the Lord will not alwayes fuffer precious choice-fpirited men to bee trampled under feet ; he looks upon them in their loweft &ate as his jewels, even while they are in thedirt; but timewill comewhenhe will make up his Jewels; as