Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choiceandaaprecrous f irit. as male. 3.17. and then there ffril be Peen a difference between the igi teous and thewicked ; betweenhim that ter. veth God,and hire that ferveth him not, verfi I8. God will own the excellency of the fpirïts ofhis fervants , tobe the 1_ rr,ageof himfelf5 and what confufon will this be to the ungodly of the world, when the Lord beforemen and Angels (hall own that, for the Mireandbeauty of his own excellency , which they, when time vus , made matter of their (corn , objets of heir hatred e when God (hall corne to them as Gideon to Zeba and Zalm4»a , Judges 8. 18. what manner ofmen were they (ayes Gideon to them, whom you flew at Tabor ? They an- fwered, As thouart, fò were they ; each one refmbled the Childrenof a Ring., Then be Paid, They were my brethren , the f nnes of my mother : as the Lord liveth, ifyou had faved themalive, Iwould not have f aine you; but now hefayes to letherhisfirfl born, Ypandflay them. So (hall God hereafter fay to the men of the world, What were thofe men , and what did they, whom ye fohated andabufed what e were they forevile fpiritedmenehow K3 did 3