Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

> 2 e9 THE CHRISTIAN. e4 H E Church on Earth is ever militant, continually aiiaul- ted by the Draÿon and his Revel. I2. Angels; their power and po- liae are oncly improved a- gainft i t. The Scripture tells us of `Principalities, 'Powers, `Rulers ofhark Ephef.6. wife , Jjiirituall Wickedneires in high places Which are the Officers of the God of this World , appointed to doe mifchiefe ; It tells us of the Method, Devices, Wiles, and Depths of Satan, ofErrors, fhongDelufions, damna- bleHertfes , andDodrines ofDevils, which are to deceive. Through Satan and his In-- tlruments many are wounded , many decei- ved in This, as in former Ages. Dc th not the F 'andacion of the Church and Kingdome ofChriít shake ? Is not the houre of tempta- tionupon the World? It is behoovefull for us to lookeunto our Spirits ; if they bee not choyce and gracious, we shall faint in the e- vili day. ThisBoole difcovers what a choyce and gracions