Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

áfzI.3 Heb. I I. 7he Epidt gracious Spirit is, that fo knowing thy felfe thou mayfl receive incouragernent, if right ; or be incited CO lookabout thee, if falle. Art thou indued with fuch a fpirit as here I thoumayft finde ? Nothing in the World, in Hell, or in thy Flefh, (hall be able to con- quer thee ; as Chrift himfelfe, thou (halt in- dure fuch crofles and contradic`tioh of fin- nets, as thefe times are bigge with ; thou (halt defpife the fhame, and bee able to refill toblood , if GU D fl allcall thee to that ho- «nour. What excellencyoffpirit was inSaintPaul, when hee took it ill that they diflwade }d him from goingup to. /eru, alem, where bee was to meet With (harp affi61io11s ; what a:eane you to weep zxdbreakmyHart ? faith4le,for° 1 am readynot to bee bound onely, but alf o to dye at ?erufalemfor theName ofthe L7.7d ye_ Í au Chril. cMofes refufes to bee calle ä the fónne of Pharaohs daughter, though 1imUIfe or fore of his pofterity might happily have come to the Kingdome by it, and chufes af= fliaions rather with the people of God, &c He, would not become anEgyptian, thoughof the Royal' Stem; but abide an Hebrew, who were Abomination to the Egyptians : . Hee knew , that the reproach of the Mem- bers did redound to the Head , and would bee well recompenced by him ; And there- fore hee will Puffer affliaions , and efteeme the reproaches of Chrift above all the Treafntes , of