Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

rated Nomarvel then , though their fngulatity be fùch as theworld , who knows not their principles wonder at it. Their wayes are different from o- ther men ; ',that is true indeed, whocan think ótherwife :' Theirprincipl s,tlreir eflares, their dignities hopes are raisedhigher thenother mens. Wou'd Saul havebeen offended, ifhis former acquaintance hadcomplained; 0h, now 1 Staid, he cedesotherthings, goeson in other wayes , livesafteranother falhion then wedo, I, that is true indeed -;rhis condition is altered his eftate is railed I higher thenyours, he hath another fpi. rit TocomplainofG ods fervants,that they are hngular fromothers, is all one, as if you th.ould co-nplain of P arles that theyare more slivering then dirt and g-ravell. Their way, their lives are hngular ; shy :' howwould you 'have them live ; , vould you have them+live arcordiägto-the commoncourfeof the world they cannot, for theyhavenot received the fpirit of theworld, Ian!an- other fpirit. When to e.Spirit of God would fet 'o tire`gre el mifer,= of men, wl un yr A i, x ' -sY x' `tf they