Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

rs ch®accawe( aprtcitms fpirit. I37 they are the childrenof wrath , without God in the world , without hope , it is, that thcÿ live' acord ing t,: thecommon cou rfe of the world , Ephef. 2.2 And thofe two are'joyned rìgether, living according to the common courUe ofthe world, agad according to that fpii it, that rules in thechildrenofdi%bedience: So long as they were a ed by that fpirit, theydid hve fo,but nowthere isanother fpi! it that they are acedby, andwould you have them live fo fill as they did hl-.fore r Cerrainly it cannot be ; You cry out ofdiífimulation, and that juifly; But what is diffmulatiçn,ifthisbe note where there is not a futablenes between the inward principles,the inward frame and diipofitionof thefpirit,and theout- ward aóions : Now if Gods people f i ould not live fingular live;, certainly their outward aniu would nor be a- grceabl to ih l W -ard principles ti, frames, and difpofit &ns of their f r1 its, for they are fngu'ar, differing from o- ther menu. As there may be a difema i bling fm. a man toTeem better thenhe is ; lu there may be difembling,toTeem worfe then we are; Is there not as much