Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

144 ! gracioris jpirit. famc.courfe with f ch as they never faw; Obferve the fpirits and wayes of godly men in all places ofthe world, though their education , their coní:itu- tton, theiremployments, their former fprinciples be exceeding different , yet now for the main , they are the fame, they favourand rellilh the fame things, ! they delight in the fame way ofholines, which evidently fhws, they are led, aáed , by ooe and the fame fpirit though tiler, may differ in fame thin ofleffermoment orae fromanother, yet they differ very little annongfr them- felves , in things wherein their diffe- rence from theworld principally Iyes in thofe things forw 1ich the world dif likes them and their wayes, there is a generali agreement in the fpirits of all godlymen in fach things. ; As in fearing of the leaft fint;e, as agreater evils then anyoutwardmifery in loving the flri- ¿ eft waies ofholineffe; in labouring to keep themfelves pure, as much as they can, from thefirms of-the times , and places where they live, &c. In thofe and filch like things, which are of proper to godlineffe , and for which they