Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

4 gracious fpinit, it is in fecret things , not fubjed to the view oftheworld TheKings daughter is all glorious within; If therebe a little godlinetfe outwardly, there is much more inward, as where there is a lit- tle wtckednetfe without, were is abun- dance in theheart; Godlymenaremolt eminentlygocly in inward things; The countenance and voice ofthe Church, is mofi tweet and comely in fecret pia. tee, ',"'ant. 2. ref, My Dove that art in the holes of the rock, in thePoetplaces of the flacres,Amme thy fight , let me heart' thy voyce for ay voyce isfweet ¡smithyfight is comely : Godly nrn dare not indeed, but be godly before men, for foChrist commands them, Letyour lightfline be- fore men , that others may feeyour good works ; but it is one thing to do that whichmay be feen, andanother, to da it to that end that it maybe feen, and to make that thehighefiend. Iftheymake theirend,that the light maybe fe.n,and not that themfelves may bee feen ; and that their Father in Heavenmaybeglo- rified, andnot them glorified,it is noother then Chrift wouldhave But between Gcd and their own foules, there