Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a ihoice,, anet precioms [pit*. '47 there is the clt'ife work of godlineffe there the foules of Gods fervants doe molt expiate themfelves, there theyare molt rhernfelves,there is their moft pro- l'er &ement : wherefore furely, it is not a.humour offngularity. Fifthly, if it werehumorous fngula- ritie, it would not bring them fo much Tweet peace, and heavenly joy when they are upon their lickbeds,and death beds,and when they have todale with God 'n a ipeciall manner 5 when they are to appear before the great God, to receive the fentence of their eternal! doocne,`when they are to enter upone- ternity; howmany thenblefe God that ever he put it Into theirhearts to go an. other way, not according to thecomon courte of the world ? Thoughhumour and conccircdncffe may pleafe,andgive conent for a while, yet it can never bring filch peace, and when joy in tick mire, and death, and when the foul fees it lath to deale with fuch an infinite, holy God, fuch a dreadtull Majefty; none apprehend thegloryand tnajefie of God, fo as the godlydoe; none un- derfandwhat eternitymeans loas they doe