Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

148 d(gracious fpirrt, doe ; the tight of vhek things would (hake men out of an humour it is not humour that can ftai .d before God, and the erernall mifery, or happineffe of the creature right y apprehended ; it is time now to lay afide humours , and andconceits j andyet then when there things are moff clearly, moli powerful- ly arprchendedby Gods fervants,even then they are more for the waies of God , in which they differed from the World, then ever they were bcfre; it is now their greater} griefe , that they haveno m Irediffered from them then they have, and if they were tobegin a- gain they woulddiffer far more Chen ever they did. Six;ly, Surely it is not humorous conceited fngularity , becaufe moft men who have enlightned confciences, wt-:en theyare moff ferious in their heft moods, areofthi. minds. If you will needs goby rnulticudes,wedareventure upon this, yea, we dare challenge upon this argument , onely with there two Cautions ÿ r That : he men youbring in , be menof inlightned confcinccs-, for what have