Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

A grwiousfpirit, muchmorefhallyosirFather in heaven,give good things to them that ask him? Saint Luke I . 3 . bringing inChrift fpeaking upon hF fameoccafonn,fayes,How mucb More Mail y01r heavenly Father give the Holy Ghofl to them that ask him ? as if all cane tog ve his Spirit, and to Live all goou things Spirituali bleflingsmake all outward Croft-es light and eafe, as Proverbs 8, 14. `The fpertt of maxwill Hainhis infirmities. Spirituali bieffings have this excellency in rhem,t hey caufe a man to feel noneedofmanyoutward things, which others knownot how`to want ; and it isas good to be in fuch an citate, to have noneed ofa thing as to enjoy it whenwe want it. And further, it is the excellency of fpiritualI blef- fìngs, to keep down the body, and to carry the fpirir above thebody. It was the excellencyand glory of the Mar- tyrs, that their fpiri s were fo fatisfifd with mercies they had, that they fo lit rie regarded their bodies, when they fuffcred grievous torments, as if they had not been their own ; '1 hus Zozo- men repot is of them. Spirituali bief fangs are fuch,as inable mien to irnprov, all;